Marrow for Marley at Bedwas RFC

Marrow for Marley at Bedwas RFC.

There was a hive of activity at the club today in support for “Marrow for Marley”, whereby a total of 45 registrations were completed to find out if a donor can be found for Marley. 

Members of the public, supporters of Bedwas RFC and some of the senior players took part in making the event a success.  Kimberley Ball who has organised the event at Bedwas RFC has had the same condition called Severe Aplastic Anemia, the same condition as Marley and was lucky enough to find a match.  This has driven her to want to find a donor for Marley she says, “The support for AA is limited due to how rare the condition is, only 2:1,000,000 people are diagnosed yearly.  I have only met people with AA through online groups so you can imagine awareness and funding for research is limited. Treatments vary with each person and age but I tried an immunosuppressive therapy which can take time to work, if I don’t respond I may also need a donor so my GP is looking into it.”  Kimberley continues to say, “Marley is 6 years old and has a little brother that needs him to get better, and out of 30,000 people that have been tested there is currently no match for Marley.  I really hope his match is found quickly.  Joining the donor register could save a life and is so easy to do.”


In addition to the event at the club, the Bedwas RFC Youth really stepped up to the mark and climbed Pen-y-fan this morning, in the poorest weather conditions.  Undeterred they completed the challenge and raised funds for “Marrow for Marley” through sponsorship forms and online donations.  Once completing the challenge that was not enough as they then made their way to the club to register as a donor.

You can still donate to our events by clicking on the link here:


Thank you to everyone that was involved in these events and making the day a success.  We wish Kimberley and DKMS UK good luck in finding a donor for Marley.