Wales Blood Service needs you!

Blood stocks in #Wales are lower than @welshblood would like them to be.

In under β‘  hour, you could save up to β‘’lives by giving blood with @WelshBlood! ❀❀

πŸ“  | Trecenydd Community centre –  22 November
πŸ“… Make an appointment today: πŸ”—


Mae stociau gwaed yn #Wales yn is nag yr hoffai @welshblood iddynt fod.

Mewn llai nag β‘  awr, gallech achub hyd at β‘’ o fywydau drwy roi gwaed gyda @Gwaedcymru! ❀❀

πŸ“  | Canolfan Cymunedol Trecenydd – Tachwedd 22
πŸ“… Gwnewch apwyntiad heddiw: πŸ”—